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Wonderful River Pictures

Rivers go everywhere from mountains, through valleys and cities, to the sea. It’s very intriguing to follow the course of a river because there is not only an amazing diversity among rivers but also between different parts of a river. It is no surprise that each river in these pictures seems to have its own unique character. Let we enjoy these photos below.

Smooth River by Hamed Saber

Sakura 2010 #1 by Guwashi999

On the Danube above the town of Melk by b k

Stunning Singapore River - Clark Quay by Leong Him Woh

Firenze by me #3 by Angelo Amboldi

Shotover Jet, Jet Boating the Shotover River Canyons, Queenstown, New Zealand by Alex Proimos

Enjoying a sunset in Salto, Uruguay by Vince Alongi

Upriver by Nicholas