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Hong Kong Wet Market

In a traditional supermarket, you have one company that owns and operates the entire store and in essence, the entire selection of products available to you. In a wet market however, you have one giant building that is separated into hundreds of stalls. Each stall is leased out to individual operators to sell their own produce, meat, or what have you. This way you get a wider range of products at a very good price.


Partying it up at Lan Kwai Fong

In Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong is essentially your default go-to destination for all your partying, clubbing, and drinking needs. The streets are packed with bars and clubs home to many different themes. Drink up and party like there’s no tomorrow!Even if you are not a party animal like me, I would definitely recommend going out to Lan Kwai Fong to check out the scenery for the heck of it. And maybe live a little while you’re at it.

Lan Kwai Fong

Big Buddha and Path to Wisdom

Many people from all over the world come to Hong Kong to see the Big Buddha. In order to get to the Big Buddha you have two options which will be explained after the jump. Or instead, you can take an hour long bus ride that will take you directly to the Ngong Ping village. I took the lather option because my good buddy was afraid that the cable car will cause us a painful yet surely quick death when the cable decides to snap. I thought he was out of his mind but his crazy scenario is not entirely without sound reason.

Big Buddha

Seeing Hong Kong from Sky 100

Soaring high above is the newest skyscraper in town. Standing at 1607 feet is the newly built International Commerce Centre with an observation deck on the 100th floor that gives a splendid view of Hong Kong.The views are great from such great heights but not without thanks to a group of hard working people. I am looking down from the inside of the building and it is giving me chills. Just think about these window cleaners standing on the outside. Fearless they must be!

Window Cleaners

Malaysian Fruit Stand

It is a refreshing experience to be able to drive down some major roads in Malaysia and stop by a street vendor for a few exotic fruits. Here in Los Angeles you may find the ocasional street vendor selling oranges and strawberries but in Malaysia, don’t be too surprised if you find a little more than your basic fruits.


Stunning Venice Pictures

The people of the Veneto mainland sought refuge in a marshy area during the 5th and 6th centuries AD Barbarian invasions. The place, in which they took refuge in, is now the gorgeous Veneto. Venice happens to be the beautiful capital of Veneto, Italy. Here are 8 stunning pictures of Venice. Let we see these amazing photos below.

Walking on Rialto by Arianna Marchesani

Awesome Pictures of Fireworks

If you love fireworks, then you’ll enjoy these 8 awesome pictures below.

celebration of light 2007 - vancouver, canada, fireworks by Jon Rawlinson

Hot Pictures of Sunglasses

Surprisingly enough, the first use of sunglasses was not to protect our eyes from the sun, but rather it began about a thousand years ago for judges to hide their eyes and facial expressions in court. Sam Foster, in 1929, invented the first pair of sunglasses made especially to protect your eyes from the sun. Check out these 8 hot pictures of sunglasses below.

Through Sunglasses by Florin Gorgan

Creating the World Around Photographs by Julija Felajn

Julija Felajn is a photographer based out of Belgrade, Serbia, and she describes her style as “creating the world around her photographs rather than just photographing it.” She started by doing self-portraits but has moved on to photographing other friends and people that haven’t been photographed before. She loves instructing them and capturing their awkwardness in her photos. Recently, Julija has been given an opportunity to do a three page spread for Vogue Italia, is taking time to teach photography workshops for foreign students, and is planning a major photography project inspired by Shakespeare’s plays. Let we see these beautiful photographs below.


Stunning Pictures of White Sands National Monument

White Sands National Monument is one of the best locations for a landscape photographer to visit. The barrenness, unique shadows and sand dunes are like the Sahara, only the sand is pure white. It’s like snow in the desert. What a beautiful photos of the white sands.

Image by Jöshua Barnett


Adorable Photos of Dachshunds

The dachshund has a huge fan base; even I have two of my own. You might understand the reason for their popularity, or get some ideas for taking pictures of your own little friend after looking at these 8 adorable photos of dachshunds. Let we enjoy these amazing photos below.

My Little Boy by Cordey

8 Pretty Pictures of Ponds

Barns, fields, flowers, trees; they all reside around ponds. Ponds create a central location for all of these things to come together and make the perfect shot. Check out these 8 pretty pictures of ponds. Let we enjoy these photographs below.

Untitled by Minette Layne

Soft Pictures of Brown

Brown is a warm, neutral color that adds a feeling of softness to wardrobes, clothes, animals, etc. So, why not put it in your photos? Here are 8 soft pictures of brown.

I knead you by Kevin Dooley

Warm Bonfire Pictures

Fire is something that adds atmosphere to any setting. Bonfires in particular are usually a symbol of summer and social gatherings. Capture that feeling in your next photo shoot after getting inspiration from these 8 warm bonfire pictures.

Aggie Bonfire 2007 by Mikel Duke

Afternoon Photography by Lali Masriera

Lali Masriera is a 28-year-old photographer who was born in Barcelona, and has taught herself everything she knows about photography. She loves sports, nature, traveling, and good food. Let we see these beautiful photographs below.

anthony & the johnsons:knockin' on heaven's door

Hawaii Submarine Riding

When you are in Hawaii, you are probably thinking of doing some sightseeing, swimming, and maybe scuba diving with the fishes. But have you imagined being able to go down almost 100 feet below sea level to see sunken ships, airplanes, and schools of fishes. That’s right, Atlantis have came up with a revolutionary way of exploiting submarines. Submarines as some of you may know were originally designed for marine warfare but instead used today for your marine viewing pleasure.

Inside Submarine

LA Farmers Market

Farmers markets usually mean fresh fruit, produce, and meats. And that is exactly what you will find at the “Original Farmers Market” in West Los Angeles.
Unlikely many other open air markets though, shops at Farmers Market are all stationary instead of your tent booth. And best of all, they are open everyday.

Barber Shop


Venetian Hotel and Casino, Macau

The structures are built to model those of the actual city of Venice. The ceiling is even made to look like the actual sky. The environment is so interactive you will feel like you are actually enjoying a nice sunny day stroll in Venice. You will feel like you are actually there except for a few minor details like the Chinese Signage that might give it away.


Olvera Street in Mexico

In downtown Los Angeles is Olvera Street, a block filled with Mexican goodies. For years, this street has been dedicated to offering a unique cultural Mexican experience. What exactly will you find? Let’s check it out. In Mexico, the folks love lucha libre, a form of free wrestling where contestants wearing colorfully decorated masks smack the living hell out of each other. This shop sells a variety of those masks. Which would you choose?

Olvera Street

The Amazing of Waikiki Aquarium

A visit to the Waikiki Aquarium will not cross “swimming with the fishes in Hawaii” off your list, but it is a fun experience for the family, especially those with small children. Let's see these amazing pictures of Waikiki Aquarium.

Waikiki Aquarium


Great Pictures of Covered Faces

Because we sometimes hide our faces from what we don’t want to see, here are 15 great pictures of covered faces. Just enjoy these photos below.

Peeeeeep-boo! by Phil Wood

Interesting Photos of Pills

Whether you condone the use of prescription drugs or not, you have to admit that with their different shapes, textures, and colors, they make really interesting photo subjects. Here are 8 photos of pills. Just enjoy these photos below.

Take a pill by cosmo flash

Striking Shoelace Pictures

A shoelace is so simple, yet so important. Not only do they hold your shoes on your feet, but are also made in a variety of patterns and lengths to fit your style. Check out these 27 striking shoelace pictures. Let we see these amazing photos below.

Retro Vintage Girl in Grass With Purple Shoes by D. Sharon Pruitt

Beautiful Self-Portraits by Shandi-lee

Shandi-lee describes herself as a small, twenty-two year old, aspiring photographer from Ontario, Canada. She loves capturing beauty in everything, especially using light. Photography is her one and only passion, and she loves to capture things such as flowers and people.

Manipulating and taking pictures with a bit of fantasy is her favorite art form, but she likes to keep things realistic in her work as well. She finds people fascinating, their bodies, facial expressions; everything. She loves taking portraits and displaying how beautiful people are. These next ten pictures are self-portraits, which are quite a specialty of hers. You might recognize some of her photos from some of our other posts. Just we see these beautiful photographs belo guys.

XLIV purple lilacs

Spectacular Pictures of Salt Flats

Salt flats, or salt pans, are amazing places you can find in various deserts in the US, South America and Asia. Apart from being the perfect place for taking pictures, you can also break various speed limits there. Just enjoy these photos below.

Salinas Grandes by (M)

Wetland Park Hong Kong

Hong Kong, like I’ve mentioned in the past is an extremely hectic city. People are always on the move. This is a place where a 60 plus hour work week is nothing short of the norm. Almost every imaginable plot of land is used for construction projects in order to turn a profit. People just don’t really care for the simpler things in life. Thankfully, the government recognized this problem and in 1988 set aside 61 hectare of land that is used as a nature preserve.

Wetland Park

Surf’s Up Waikiki Beach

People often refer to Hawaii as having some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. This is definitely something I can attest to. The sand is incredibly clean and the water is crystal clear at Waikiki Beach.A range of incredible hotels align the incredible beach front of Waikiki.As you can imagine, beach front hotels cost approximately an arm and a leg. You are looking at a couple of hundreds a night but considering the views you have access to, it’s definitely a steal.So you left your board at home. No problem… Surfboards are conveniently for rental on the beach front.

Waikiki Beach

Pearl Harbor, a Full of History City

December 7, 1941 is a day many will never forget. It is the day that will forever change the course of history and give Pearl Harbor a place in the history books. Any trip to Hawaii is definitely not complete without a visit to this historic site.

Pearl Harbor

Stanley and Murray House

Stanley is a beautiful town in the south side of Hong Kong known for its elegant scenery and Victorian-era buildings.The beaches in Stanley are just incredibly beautiful.Days like these are perfect for enjoying a nice scoop of ice cream or a cold drink.Stanley market is known for its incredible wide selections of novelty items and even brand name products.In the town of Stanley is the Murray House which is a Victorian-era building originally built in 1846 as the officer’s quarters of the Murray Barrack. Originally located in Central, Hong Kong, each piece of the building was individually labeled, moved, and reconstructed on this new site.A walk around the town of Stanley makes for a nice relaxing afternoon.

Stanley Pier

Ladies Market in Hongkong

In the district of Mong kok, Hong Kong is a bargain hunter’s paradise. Tung Choi Street or more commonly known as Ladies Market consists of a stretch of street vendors that sell novelty items and quite honestly anything you can think of for reasonable prices. Here you can score some good deals, so buy a few souvenirs for the friends and family back home while you’re at it.You can find almost anything here from 2 dollar T-shirts to designer handbags and watches. However, be forewarned that the street-vendor selling “authentic” Rolex watches for 20 dollars a pop may be too good to be true. You be the judge of that.

Ladies Market


City Walk at Universal Studios

Featuring the movie and entertainment industry themed shops, City Walk at Universal Studios is a movie fanatic’s paradise. Along side the shops are bars and restaurants that serve food from all corners of the world. City Walk also boosts an enormous cinema that feature both classics and new releases. The possibilities are endless in a night at City Walk.

Awesome Motocross Pictures

Motocross is a personal favorite sport of mine, even though it is quite dangerous. Despite its perils, it’s still very popular, a mega sport you could say. Here are 20 awesome motocross pictures. Just enjoy these photos of the extreme sport below guys.

MotorCross RES Axel by Rolf van der Zwart

Black Sand Turtle Beach

Punalu’u Beach in the large island of Hawaii is known mainly for two things. Its black sandy beaches and the sea turtles that wander about.On a good day the whole beach shore will be lined with sea turtles.If you are lucky, you might find yourself a nice treasure buried in the sand. Perhaps a nice green emerald gem. The gems arLegend has it that those that remove rocks from the beach will be cursed with bad luck though. I personally didn’t leave with a souvenir but if you want to take something home, it’s entirely up to you.

8 Beautiful Pictures of Badlands National Park

The Native Americans named the Badlands in South Dakota the bad lands because it was barren. For photography, however, Badlands National Park is an excellent location. The landscapes and rock formations are simply amazing. On a clear night, it’s great to try out some astrophotography. And if you are lucky, you may capture some wildlife. Let we enjoy these photographs below.

A Portrait of the Badlands by Matthew Sharp

Catchy Horseshoe Pictures

There are several different uses for horseshoes. Not only are these iron bands used to protect a horses foot, but they are also used in a socializing game. These shoes are uniquely designed to fit the horses foot to protect them from stepping on sharp objects. Some people use old shoes as decoration, or to hold gates together. Check out these 8 catchy horseshoe pictures below.

Half-Shoe by Trazomfreak

Interesting Double Exposure Pictures

Double exposures are made up of two or more separate exposures layered together. These specific pictures I have chosen are layered exposures of separate subjects, which creates a confusing image, but also very interesting. One of the exposures is usually faded, which adds a ‘ghost’ effect. Here are 8 interesting double exposure pictures. Just enjoy these photographs below.

double guitars by Ryan

Getting to Places in Hong Kong

Hong Kong as you can imagine has one of the worst traffic situations in the world. People and cars are everywhere! At times, walking gets you to where you need to be faster than driving. Unbelievable… Fortunately, a complex public transportation system has been in place to cope with the need to “get to places.”

Hong Kong Traffic

Superb Pictures by J.M. Barclay

According to J.M. Barclay, a photographer from Detroit, Michigan, ‘the term artist represents someone who can take something and turn it in to something that is meaningful for someone else.’ Barclay’s photos make simple scenes and objects look unique through imaginative color and texture, drawing your attention to hidden points of beauty. Let we see these beautiful photographs below.

Little Light

Best Examples Of Beautiful Night Photography

Night have become a interesting side of a city. Night in several cities has an interest for us. Lightings from a city in the night will produce a very amazing scenery. Below, there are several photos from night in a city..

Night in Haneda Airport


“In The Memory of Stones” – Photography by Alain Etchepare

Alain Etchepare’s work is centered on the fascinating possibilities of interpretations and evocations offered by man-made structures, whether modern or ancient, not in didactic form or documentary form, but rather by trying to stimulate the spectator’s imagination and by touching him through dreamlike or poetic visions. By approaching his images as actors as opposed to mere spectators, people are able to become part of them through his eyes only, and through the traces that they leave…superb or hideous, useful or destructive. Let we see these amazing photographs below.

Lovely Pictures of Feathers

With their super straight lines and soft textures, feathers are great subjects for your future images. Here are 8 great examples of feather pictures. Just enjoy these photos below guys.

Parzival by Hartwig HKD

8 Interesting Pictures of Oil in Water

Mixing fluids, such as ink and water, and oil and water, make great textures and shapes to put into your photography. Here are 18 interesting pictures of oil in water. These photographs are the most interesting photos that we must see.

Olive oil by Tétine

8 Amazing Clone Pictures

While finding pictures for the various other posts I have put together, I sometimes come across a cloning picture, also called multiplicity photography. After seeing so many though, I thought it’d be great to feature a few more of them.

Cloning is done by taking several pictures of your subject in multiple places, and then layering your shots in a photo editing software. Here are 8 amazing clone pictures. Just enjoy these photos below.

I Can't Escape Myself. by Casey Muir-Taylor

Leisurely Sunroof Pictures

The sunroof always represents sunny and windy rides through the country or city with no particular aim or reason. Leisure, one would call it. Check out these 15 photos that capture that feeling perfectly. Let we see these beautiful photos of sunroof.

Untitled by Jared eberhardt

A Classic Black & White Nature Photography

Black and white is always my favorite color assortment. We have listed several black & white websites not long ago, today we are showing a collection of black and white nature photography.

Stay connected and play a part of yours by submitting comments. Honestly, we would love to hear from you.

Amazing Piece of Creativity and Extra Ordinary Photos

People always wanted to see something out of this world which they should never seen before. Here i found some really amazing piece of creativity and extra ordinary imaginations in these photos.

Check out this marvelous collection and comment it!

Nights in Paris and Moscow, High Res Images

Few days earlier, we have posted a collection of beautiful night photography and today we bring another superb collection of night photos from the two beautiful cities Paris and Moscow. These all below images are in high resolution which could also help you in your next project.

Take a look at these beautiful night images and get inspired.

Nights in Paris

The Real Beauty of Pakistan by Furqan Riaz

I like to capture nature in its pure form. Nature untouched and unaltered is my love. Although colors are always good but I have found Black & White medium as more interesting although I want to explore it more. I believe that landscape and nature photographs have deeper meanings as they depict different moods.

Portraits are another interesting for of photography and I always look for faces that tell stories. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel most of Pakistan so I have captured a variety of faces across the country.

I am very interested in photojournalism and documentary photography and would love to explore in this genre.

Nat Geo Editor’s Pick Adventure Photos Collection

National Geographic Adventure which was formerly known as Adventure One or A1 but now a days we know it as Nat Geo Adventure aimed to explore the world through involving people who are having fun with traveling and outdoor adventure.

Here we have found Best Nat Geo Adventure Photos collection picked by the readers. Take a look at these beautiful adventure images and get inspired with the beauty of this planet by top photographers.