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Astrolandscapes – Combining Photography and Astronomy by Robert Arn

Robert Arn is a Colorado based photographer. His work combines the beauty of the night skies and his interest for astronomy with landscape photography. Some people call that mix of astronomy and photography “astrolandscapes”, others use the term “nightscapes”. Night time photography is difficult but if you have a knowledge about astronomy you can capture beautiful sky objects and astronomical events making your photos unique, interesting and beautiful at the same time.

Robert uses a wide array of cameras and post-processing techniques for his images, some of the photos are actually made from many different photos taken with different cameras, filters and lenses and then combined in post-processing demanding hours and hours of work for a single image. If you ask me they are worth every minute. Let we see these beautiful photos below.

Alien World

Galactic Dreamer

Perseid Storm

Lunar Eclipse 2010

Independence Day Planetary Alignment

Lunar Corona

The Sun Singer

Giant Parentheses Star Trails