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Interesting Wedding Pictures

Just because it’s not wedding season doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy some interesting wedding photography. Here are the photos that will warm up those cold feet.

just married by Fokko Muller
  just married

10 Super Superman Pictures

Everyone has a little superman in them. Here are 10 super pictures that portray a bit of that.

superman by Mat Tyrrell superman

Sensational Airplane Window Pictures

Finding a good place to sit on an airplane can provide some great opportunities to snap a few good photos. Here are the great perspectives from photographers in the window seat.

Passage des Alpes par AF 9803 by Panoramas Passage des Alpes par AF 9803

Picture in a Picture Creativity

Here are 10 picture in a picture photos that will inspire those creative juices for your weekend shoot. You may just have to break down and get a Polaroid.

Self Portrait by hdeb89 Self Portrait

Dark Stormy Cloud Pictures

Nothing makes a landscape portrait quite as ominous and dramatic as dark clouds. Sometimes they make everything gloomy; other times they create this wonderful contrast between light and dark; or they simply represent the inevitability of an awesome thunderstorm.

i should remind myself to carry the tripod with me a bit more often by Ibrahim Iujaz dark stormy clouds


Picture Reasons To Buy A Mac

Dear Mac,
You are amazing.



Current MacBook Pro Setup by Steve Keys Current MacBook Pro Setup

Cool Snow Storm Pictures

I woke up today to find it snowing hard outside and Mother Nature was slowly creating a heap of work on my driveway. Being that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, I had no motivation to clear it off so instead I sat at my computer and found cool snow storm pictures for those to enjoy from the comfort of their chairs.

Blizzard #1 by Al Camardella Jr. Blizzard #1

Bath and Tub Pictures

A bath provides a fun time for kids, soothes a mother’s tired body, and brings fear to your dog who will only just go out and roll in the mud once you’re done.

Grunge Bath by Laura D'Alessandro Grunge Bath

Morning Breakfast Cereal Pictures

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and the most delicious. These cereal pictures will inspire you to get up a bit earlier to capture your morning breakfast moments.

a hardy bowl of cheerios by Y'amal a hardy bowl of cheerios

Pictures of Nothingness

Life can be a lot simpler with nothing. Consider how much we worry about stuff around us. Take it all away and the stress tends to go away. It’s only boring to some because they are so used to being so geared up with the bustling of life all the time. Here’s a neat story that illustrates our mindset sometimes. A few years ago, a very rich businessman decides to take a vacation to a small tropical island in the South Pacific. He has worked hard all his life and has decided that now is the time to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He is excited about visiting the island because he’s heard that there is incredible fishing there. He loved fishing as a young boy, but hasn’t gone in years because he has been so busy working to save for his retirement. So on the first day, he has his breakfast and heads to the beach. It’s around 9:30 am. There he spots a fisherman coming in with a large bucket full of fish! “How long did you fish for?” he asks. The fisherman looks at the businessman with a wide grin across his face and explains that the fishes for about three hours every day. The businessman then asks him why he returned so quickly. “Don’t worry”, says the fisherman, “There’s still plenty of fish out there.” Dumbfounded, the businessman asks the fisherman why he didn’t continue catching more fish. The fisherman patiently explains that what he caught is all he needs. “I’ll spend the rest of the day playing with my family, talking with my friends and maybe drinking a little wine. After that I’ll relax on the beach.” Now the rich businessman figures he needs to teach this peasant fisherman a thing or two. So he explains to him that he should stay out all day and catch more fish. Then he could save up the extra money he makes and buy and even bigger boats to catch even more fish. The he could keep reinvesting his profits in even more boats and hire many other fisherman to work for him. If he works really hard, in 20 or 30 years he’ll be a very rich man indeed. The businessman feels pleased that he’s helped teach this simple fellow how to become rich. Then the fisherman looks at the businessman with a puzzled look on his face and asks what he’ll do after he becomes very rich. The businessman responds quickly “You can spend time with your family, talk with your friends, and maybe drink a little wine. Or you could just relax on the beach.” Sometimes having less is more. The same goes for good photography too. Here are good pictures of nothingness.

Nothing by Kevin Dooley Nothing