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Guide to Sushi

Sounds simple enough; right? Originating in Japan, sushi has a long line of history and it definitely shows with the styles and varieties that exist today.
Nigiri, Gunkan, Maki, and Temaki.
So what does all these terms actually mean and how many types of sushi are there? This sushi guide will explain (with beautiful pictures of course) the “species” of sushi that are commonly found in sushi restaurants.


Salmon Nigiri

Tuna Nigiri

Eel Nigiri

Seared White Tuna Nigiri

Albacore (White Tuna) Nigiri Sushi

Mackerel Nigiri

Red Snapper Nigiri

Ikura Salmon Roe Gunkan

ATobiko (Flying Fish Roe) Gunkan

Negi Toro (Blue fin Tuna Belly)

Spicy Tuna Gunkan

Sea Urchin Gunkan

California Roll

California Roll with Roe

Caterpillar Roll

Shrimp Tempura Roll

Scallop California Roll

California Hand Roll