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Woodstock’s Pizza, Davis

Woodstock’s Pizza is one of the restaurants most students from UC Davis know about. Putting aside the fact that Davis is a relatively small college town with limited choices, Woodstock’s Pizza is not bad. The food and alcohol is decently priced, add on the fact that Wi-fi is free, many students choose this joint as a gathering destination.

Cheese Bread

Bread Talk

In Singapore, I came across a bakery that definitely stood out in the crowd. Their buns have the best texture and their bread is amazing. Bite into a Bread Talk bun and you will be thinking to yourself “Am I eating bread? or cotton candy?” The texture of the buns is ohh so soft and ohh so good.

Pineapple Cake

King of Fruit – Durian

Have you ever eaten a fruit so pungent that eating it in public will bring about rallies of stares and frowns? I am talking about the king of fruit, durian. Mostly found in Southern Asian countries like Malaysia and Thailand, durian has a mace like appearance and a smell unlike anything else.

Durian Pile

Dim Sum Guide

Dim Sum is a Cantonese style of dining that usually takes place during the early mornings til late lunchtime. In a background of the usual hustling and bustling, barrels or plates of mini-meals ,each with its distinctive flavor make their way in specially designed heated Dim Sum karts across a field of customers (often times more hungry than wild-beasts in the present of oh so delicious foods.) Eating Dim Sum can be pretty hectic and often times just plain confusing given the list of seemingly endless options. In this post, I will try to make your dim sum experience an easier one to swallow by guiding you (with beautiful pictures of course) through many of the common dishes.

Dim Sum

Singapore Food Hunt

From candy stores to the legendary hawker stalls, Singapore is widely known for their scrumptious foods and appetizing snacks. Thinking back to the past, even seconds after stepping foot into the airplane (Singapore-bound), my mind began uncontrollably drifting away. At first, developing in my mind were minute thoughts of food but as the aircraft drew closer and closer to Changi Airport my inner beast started speaking to me.
I was hungry and a food hunt in Orchard Road was in order.

Fish balls

8 Awesome Pictures of Tokyo From Katsushi Machida

Katsushi Machida lives in the Tokyo suburb and works in Tokyo. He takes photos just for fun, but brings his camera with him everywhere. His favorite subjects to shoot are cars, motorbikes, bicycles, his son, coffee and food, and the ordinary scene of Tokyo. Let we see these fantastic photographs below.


Fantastic Pictures of Forests

Forests will forever be filled with mystery, which makes them wonderful subjects for photography. These photographers had the privilege, and skill, to capture that in these 8 fantastic forest pictures. Just see below.

The Bamboo Forest Trail by Agustin Rafael Reyes

Pictures with an Amazing Vanishing Point Perspective

In order to create an illusion of depth in photography, you need perspective. One way to create perspective is by using a vanishing point, or two. The vanishing point is situated, say, infinite miles away and the lines in your picture are moving towards that point, making it look like your bridge, road, fence, tunnel is infinitely long. Just enjoy these amazing photos below.

vanishing point by paul (dex)

Tasty Pictures of Cookies

Want something sweet? Or maybe even something frosted? How about cookies? If you answered yes, here’s 8 tasty pictures that are sure to make your mouth water. Let we enjoy these amazing photographs below.

88/365 by Gabriela

Delightful Dandelion Pictures

The dandelion is taking over our planet. The flower spreads itself on the wind, plaguing gardeners—especially those with hay fever. The fearless photographer, however, faces this invasion of organic transformers to take awesome pictures. Here are 8 examples below.

gold mist by Jenny Downing


Amazing Playground Pictures

Swings, Merry-Go-Rounds, and Playgrounds. We’ve done posts about them before, but we’re doing it again since people obviously love taking pictures of playgrounds. Here’s 8 more amazing ones.

Bucky's Playground by Duchamp

8 Fancy Pictures of Wine

These pictures are all that embodies the word fancy. For centuries, wine as been a major staple piece in societies and culture, and these photographers have properly captured that in these 8 fancy pictures of wine. Let we enjoy these photos below.

Fruit wine by Robert S. Donovan

Astonishing Northern Lights Pictures

The Northern Lights, or Aurora Borealis, is nature’s own spectacular fireworks show on display in the colder places on Earth. It’s definitely worth a view, judging from these pictures. For those of you who do not like the cold we recommend the Southern Lights; and wherever you go we recommend you bring a camera.

Geomagnetic Storm In Progress by NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

Luminescent Pictures of Lamps

They light up the streets and the space over your head for reading. So, these photographers paid tribute to lamps with these 8 luminescent photos. Just enjoy these photos below.

If I Had Something To Say by re_birf

Great Photos Taken with the iPhone

The iPhone is considered one of the better camera phones out there, and it continues to improve with each new model. Here are 8 great photos taken with the iPhone. Let we see these amazing photographs below.

His cakes by slightly everything


Steak Fajita

In a previous post I talked about the Peking Roast Duck Wrap, a Chinese concoction consisting of sliced roast duck, green onions, and melon slices. Today, I would like to talk about a comparable dish, the Mexican steak fajita.

Foods of varying cultures obviously differ but the resemblances are ample.

Though the dishes originated in different continents, the resemblances are not hard to see.
Both of these dishes involve stuffing some sort of wrap with ingredients until your heart contents.

Steak Skillet

Japanese Octopus Balls Takoyaki

Takoyaki, octopus ball is a popular street snack in Japan. It is a perfect blend of batter, pickled ginger, and onion cooked on a specially designed pan. Takoyaki is a street snack that can be found in many busy streets of Japan. However, with strong Japanese influence in China, I wasn’t incredibly surprised when I found a stall selling them in China.


Guide to Sushi

Sounds simple enough; right? Originating in Japan, sushi has a long line of history and it definitely shows with the styles and varieties that exist today.
Nigiri, Gunkan, Maki, and Temaki.
So what does all these terms actually mean and how many types of sushi are there? This sushi guide will explain (with beautiful pictures of course) the “species” of sushi that are commonly found in sushi restaurants.


Eating at Tulalip Casino

On my way from Seattle to Vancouver after seeing the Space Needle my stomach started growling uncontrollably. It was lunch time and I was hungry. Luckily for me, I passed by a relatively large casino. I’ve never heard of Tulalip Casino but figuring that most casinos have a well stocked buffet with decently priced food, I stopped by. After all, most casinos depend on the cheap food to bring in customers where they can squeeze every penny out of them at the slot machines.

Tulalip Casino

Conveyor Belt Sushi

A while back, I wrote about the different types of sushi. Today, I am going to talk about a unique way in which they are served. Initially developed as a way to decrease staffing, conveyor belt sushi (a.k.a sushi train, revolving sushi) venues make for a fresh and interesting meal.


Perfect Pictures of Purple

Whether your favorite shade is violet, plum, or plain purple, these photographers have found a way to fit all of them into these 9 perfect purple pictures. Let we enjoy these photographs below.

Purple Koosh by Fredo Alvarez

Magnificent Sheep Pictures

The moment little lambs begin to appear, we realize that Spring has come around. This is a joyous occasion because sheep and lambs are incredibly photogenic. If you are still snowed in at the moment, hopefully you will get some warm, woolly feelings from these beautiful pictures.

Come in number 0187123, your time is up! Sheep, Dingli, Malta by John Haslam

Interesting Pictures of Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants are something that you wouldn’t normally imagine as a photography subject. But, these photographers have put a creative spin on them, and are worthy of a post. Enjoy these 8 interesting pictures of fire hydrants.

Fire Hydrant in Marrakech by John Althouse Cohen

Nighttime City Pictures

As soon as the sun goes down the entire atmosphere of a city changes. More often than not this change is for the better. What was once an ugly collection of buildings is now a magical place of lights. An ideal place for a photographer to be. Just enjoy the night show below.

Highway Insomnia by Brett Weinstein

Amazing Pictures of Chairs

Whether they’re in your favorite corner in the coffee shop down the street, or where you’re sitting right now, you have an appreciation of chairs. Here’s a post of 8 amazing chair pictures to commemorate that. Let we see these amazing pictures below.

Funeral Home Lobby by Dave Stagner


Nanxiang Xiao Long Bao (Pork Dumplings)

Xiao Long Bao – A nice little dumpling composed of scrumptious soup and pork that will top your taste buds.
When many people think of Xiao Long Bao, they may think about the popular Taiwanese chain Ding Tai Fung but for an unsurpassable authentic, Nanxiang Mantou Dian (Nanxiang Bun Shop) leads the pack. With the long lines of eagerly awaiting customers, it is pretty hard to miss the restaurant should you walk by it.

God of the City Temple

Genting Highlands Buffet

Genting Highlands has a boat load of entertainment. There is something to do for everybody no matter what your idea of fun may be.

After a day of fun at the casino, arcade, and amusement park I hopped on over to the Genting Highlands Buffet to fill my empty stomach.

The buffet is Las Vegas style, featuring delights from many corners of the world.


Eating An Illegal Hot Dog

The bacon wrapped hot dog as you can imagine is a heart attack in a meal and violates a few health regulations. Also, the hot dogs are cooked on modified shopping carts that probably don’t pass health inspection.

According to the Los Angeles Health department the only certified methods of cooking hot dogs are boiled and steamed. But who with their right minds will want to eat a soggy hot dog?

Often times you will see police or health regulators tracking down the “law breaking” hot dog vendor and the vendors run like there is no tomorrow to avoid punishment.
Violators of the “law” are subject to impoundment, fines, and jail time. Jail time for selling hot dogs? That is right…One woman actually received a 45 day sentence for violating health regulations by selling bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Illegal Hot Dog

Hong kong high tea

Hong Kongers really love their high tea. Usually around 3 to 5 pm in the afternoon, Hong Kongers like to take a little break in their busy day to sip a cup of tea and have a side of bread or two.At the same time, this is the time of day when you get the biggest bang for your buck. Tea and bread combo goes for only 2-3dollars USD. Pretty sweet deal if you ask me.

Hong Kong High Tea

Stanely Park

As “citydwellers,” sometimes we lose track of the beautiful things in life and forget to enjoy the simple pleasures. This is incredibly easy with the high-tech, fast paced city lifestyle many of us have grown to be accustomed to.

Stanley Park

8 Awesome Pictures of Deer

Here is a post for one of the prettiest, most regal animals you know of. The deer. These few photographers know how to bring out the best with these 8 awesome pictures.

Loving Kindness by Cornelia Kopp

Black & White Pictures With a Bit of Color

It’s a very simple idea: just keep one object or person in your black and white shot in color and that object will catch everyone’s attention. As you can see in the following pictures, the result is captivating.

Montmartre by John Althouse Cohen

Mysterious Pictures of Masks

Every girl has wanted the chance to wear a mask to a ball at some point, and he instant beauty and mystery a mask adds to any situation is completely irresistible. Look through these 8 mysterious pictures of masks, and you’ll see what I mean.

Masks by Brian Snelson

8 Stunning Pictures of Yellow

It screams summer, beaches, warmth, and basically everything we are looking for now when the cold is still around. Get even more anxious for summer and sun while looking through these 8 stunning pictures of yellow.

En un mar de amarillo by Zyllan

Wonderful River Pictures

Rivers go everywhere from mountains, through valleys and cities, to the sea. It’s very intriguing to follow the course of a river because there is not only an amazing diversity among rivers but also between different parts of a river. It is no surprise that each river in these pictures seems to have its own unique character. Let we enjoy these photos below.

Smooth River by Hamed Saber


Powell River

Powell River is probably one of the more remote places around. Getting there is no easy feat. Please allow me to elaborate.

From Vancouver, it is a half hour drive to Horseshoe Bay where you would await the arrival of the first ferry. The first ferry ride is a rough 40 minutes from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale.

From Langdale, you would have to drive to the other side of the island and wait for the arrival of the second ferry. The second ferry is a longer 50 minutes ride from Earls Cover to Saltery Bay. Finally, from Saltery Bay you would drive to Powell River.

Okay, I get it…Powell River is hard to get to and in the middle of nowhere. But why would I want to go there anyways? Don’t be hasty, I am getting to that part.

Powell River

July Fourth (4th) in Los Angeles

It is kinda late to talk about Fourth of July… but better late than never right? Fourth of July is somewhat a bit deal for fireworks in California especially since that’s the only time its legal. Usually stay home for dinner on 4th but decide to go out instead. Baked bolognese topped with garlic bread for dinner. Yum!

Fireworks buy one get one free

A day in Palm Springs 1 A

Went to Palm Springs over the weekend. Everything was nice the drive, the heat, the palm trees…everything. Its an instant change of scenery the second we entered the city. It was baron land at first and now palm trees are everywhere!

Palm Springs

Great Pictures of Barns

Barns always have all this mystery inside them, whether they’re new or old. Each one tells some story or another. These 8 great pictures capture all that comes to mind when you see a barn. Enjoy these photographs below.

Just Before Sundown by Kramer

Incredible Iceberg Pictures

It’s amazing to think that these mountains consist solely of frozen water. Let’s hope they won’t eventually melt away, so we can enjoy them a little longer. Let we see these amazing photos below.

Danmark O, Fohn Fjord, Renodde.70°N/26°W by Rita Willaert

A day in Palm Springs 1 B

For the sake of faster loading times and saving your computer from bursting into flames this post have been broken up into 2 parts. Please read Part A first if you haven’t. Boarding for reals this time. People were fighting for the front…but it didn’t matter because it rotates 360 degrees.

Palm Springs Tram

Fascinating Fisheye Pictures

Pictures shot with a fish-eye lens are a little strange, but they make some of the most beautiful shots you will ever see. Here are 7 pictures that might ‘bend’ your view on the lens a bit. Let we see these pictures below.

Entrar II by JR F

San Pedro

Spent the weekend at San Pedro. California is full of beaches, each with its own “personality.” Went early to see the Korean friendship bell. I was pretty tempted to go in and knock on it but the caution tape got the best of me.

San Pedro

Distinct Dune Grass Pictures

The grasses that grow on the coastal dunes go by several names (Marram Grass, Bent Grass, Beachgrass, since you asked). What’s so special about these grasses is that they can survive under extreme circumstances. Moreover, in photography they create a very distinct atmosphere as you can see in the following pictures below.

beach bum by Pattys'photos

8 Awesome Pictures of Red Lips

Red lips are a fascinating photo subject on their own, but they can also bring portraits up a notch without any extra effort. You can match red lips with surrounding objects, or contrast them against neutral colors for an especially striking photo. Let we see these pictures below.

Valentine's Kiss by Jude McConkey


Flight to Alaska

Looking at the different stores in the waiting area. The currency exchange at the airport usually gives a lower rate for exchanges. But do keep in mind you are also paying for the convenience. I guess they weren’t open at 6:00am though.

Looking out the window of airport

Anchorage and Denali, Alaska

Day 1 of Alaska brings me to this “wilderness lodge” in Denali. Also known as “middle of nowhere, Alaska.” Driving around downtown… Anchorage is much bigger than I imagined but 30minutes is more than enough to see everything there.

Car Rental

Orange County Auto Show 1

Yesterday was the annual auto show in Orange County. I took so many photos there’s no way I can put them all on here but I’ll try my best.


Orange County Auto Show 2

Continuing from the last post…Look at how mean the Lambo looks.Really love the color on this one.This was the only super-cars you were allowed on. I remember getting in and not being able to move at all.


Lovely Pictures of Cabins

Definitely one of my favorite things in the whole world, the log and shabby chic cabins will always have a warm and inviting feel. Get that lovely feeling with these 8 cabin pictures. Just enjoy these photos below.

Le Jour ni l'Heure by Renaud Camus