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Inspirational Landscapes by Dave Noonan

Dave Noonan is a multi-talented photographer who now resides in Danbury, Connecticut. Here’s how he describes his stunning work:

“Born and raised in New England, now residing in Danbury, Connecticut. From an early age, I was always fascinated by the visual arts. Growing up with an old Minolta 35mm SLR that my parents received as a wedding present, I enjoyed photographing landscapes and friends skateboarding since the age of 8. Later, fueled by my passion for photography, I went on to film school to pursue my degree in lighting for motion pictures.

In the past decade I reignited my love for photography and formed my business, Modern Fotographic. I shoot landscapes, which I’m best known for, and I also shoot weddings, conceptual portraits, products, and estates. I am now starting to make a name for myself locally as a modern, artistic wedding photographer. I enjoy the challenge of creating art and photojournalism along with the pressure of getting the shot as it happens in wedding photography.

With my landscape work, I love capturing the surrealism in a scene which is there but not always apparent to the naked eye. I often use use extremely long exposures using ND filters to bring out these qualities within the frame. I don’t work in layers or perform photo manipulations, I only use traditional photography processing techniques to capture my photos (dodging, burning, contrast, saturation, white balance, etc.). I enjoy the process of shooting using on-camera filters for my scapes. For filters, I use a Hoya ND400 (9-stop neutral density) and ND Grad filters to hold back the sky highlights and balance the exposure. I use Lightroom only for processing my photographs.” Just enjoy these photos below...