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Brilliant Pictures of Nebulas from NASA

So much of space is still a huge mystery to us. For those who might not know, nebulas, or nebulae, are an interstellar cloud of dust and gases, such as hydrogen and helium, which all come together to make the beautiful colors and formations that you see. Thanks to NASA and the Hubble Program, we can view these 8 brilliant pictures of nebulas. Let we see these beautiful pictures below.

Hubble's New Eyes: Butterfly Emerges from Stellar Demise in Planetary Nebula

NASA's Hubble Sees A Majestic Disk of Stars

Hubble reveals heart of Lagoon Nebula

Hubble Captures Cosmic Ice Sculptures

Hubble Snaps Sharp Image Of Cosmic Concoction

Starburst Cluster Shows Celestial Fireworks

Starry-Eyed Hubble Celebrates 20 Years of Awe and Discovery

Hubble Captures Bubbles And Baby Stars