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8 Colorful Image Enhancements on Asian People

Kira is an Ukrainian photographer, living in China. He can speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English and Chinese. He has proved a huge amount of creativity with his photographic work and the effects that others achieve in studios with many lights and colors, he achieves outside, out in the open field.

Kira takes advantage of the Asian people’s physiognomy and enhances their looks, adding colorful wigs, futuristic outfits and eccentric posing positions. Outstanding and different pieces of art, brought to the surface of the web right here!

Love is war – Hatsune Miku

Cherry Chii

Miku Hatsune – Moonfall

Macross Frontier – Alto, Ranka

Ouran Host Club- Honey

Tweedledum and Tweedledee

Love is War – Kaito

Adolescence of Utena