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Are you a Photofag?

If you recognize yourself in any of these photos, your diagnose is evident – you are a photo fag.
If you had done something similar to what you are about to see in these pics – you are also a photo fag.
If you haven’t done that, but you want to do anything like that – you are a photofag.
If you use similar photo equipment to those guys you are about to see – photofag!
But don’t worry! There are plenty of you guys, so when you see someone crawling on the ground with a camera in his mouth try to befriend him. Don’t worry – photographer is usually a friendly animal.
If I weren’t a lazy panda, maybe I would be a photofag too, but nah – I will just eat my bamboo.
Let see these best photographs below.

(Bamboo leaf for MIKE NELSON/AFP/Getty Images)

(Bamboo leaf for Reuters)