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Most Impressive Examples of Silhouette Photography

In photography, silhouettes usually have a powerful meaning and impact. They emphasize the shape of the subject and create a dramatic look. At the same time it offers a gentle and fascinating look, a mysterious approach.

A good definition of a silhouette is that it represents an outline of the subject which appears dark, against a lighter background. This photographic technique is not very easy, but once you get the hang of it, not very hard either. You only have to pick the right moment of the day, the perfect light and create the outstanding contrast. Let's see these amazing pictures!

Nina Silhouette
author: RoieG

Sunset Silhouette
author: andrewapuya

Storm Silhouette
author: Phoenixstamatis

author: Glambition

A Dog’s Silhouette
author: jsablinskis

Sunset Silhouette
author: eyeseeh39

author: Intrepidity87