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10 Island Photography Exotic Pieces of Paradise

An island, also called “an isle” is a piece of land surrounded by water on all sides. Some are larger, some quite small, but all “float” just as gracefully in the middle of endless water-scapes, being a constant tourist attraction.

The following showcase enchants us with 50 pieces of photography of beautiful islands of all kinds and sizes. Pieces of paradise, this is what they are! We don’t have the locations for all them, so if you recognized an unnamed island, please let us know in the comments.

Virgin Island
author: Ibrahim-K

Nang Yuan Island
author: Alexandr Popov

The Island
author: coffeepad

Blue Island
author: Alexandr Popov

Piece of Heaven
author: Paul Croft

Where Dreams Are Born
author: Dirk Juergensen

King’s Island
author: Ricardas Dovydaitis

An Island Risen from the Sea

author: Walt Adams

author: Eduardo Casal Riveiro

Snowy Morning
author: IGA