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High Speed Photography Primer

On the previous post we build all the circuitry needed for complete control over high speed setups and today we will put it to the test. We will recreate one of the images previously done on DIYP (and has been in the title for this series).

My local Flickr group is a lively and active group (the Hull Pool) and lots of collaboration goes on. The most collaborative image is "Whoosh," which is the outcome of (to quote Moose) "another evening of technical mucking about with friends" Moose Malloy and mkratty - who were also part of the crossbow games :-) we explained along with the sound trigger.

The setup and image we are about to describe was actually featured on DIYP way back, and I thought it would be interesting to show how we made a similar image using our HSP setup. Just see these photographs below.