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7 Brilliant Textures

A variety of interesting, exotic or creative textures from all around the globe. Wood, stone, metal, nature, ice, sand, fabric, paper, glass, fire, food and plastic textures. A large number of daily routine things observed from a completely new perspective. Just enjoy these photographs of the texture below.

Andronicus Riyono
A beautiful piece of Indonesian Batik.

Daniel Hosie
This photograph is of a interesting wood pole in Frankenmuth Michigan.

Zilda Borges
Collage of torn paper.

Paul Weingartz
Light trails

Ljubica Rapaic
Macro of a dandelion. The shot was taken with Canon EOS 400D / Canon EF-S18-55mm.

Paulo Ordoveza

This is a closeup of a Barong Tagalog, the formal national costume of the Philippines. The barong is a thin, transparent overlayer made from a sheer mesh of pineapple-based fibers, embroidered with elegant designs, usually leafy plants and ethnic patterns. I wore this particular barong for my wedding, one year ago this June.

Istvan Vasil