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Rad Parkour Shots

Parkour is one of those sports which you could also consider an art form. Participants try to move as fast and efficiently as possible from point A to B, using only their body. Mix it with photography, and you get some incredible pictures.

Le Parkour 1 by Fabio Aro

Parkour by Erháld Borbáth

Esdras em um salto sobre o corrimão by Marco Gomes

Estágios do salto de precisão by Marco Gomes

TRICKER by mirwav

Parkour by rwkvisual

Rage Against the Dying Light by Jimee, Jackie, Tom & Asha


Parkour at Southbank by Jack Knott


Leap Of Faith by Harry Hughes


Parkour by Darwin Go

Knight Dove by Deneb Catalan