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Chilling Pictures of Tarantulas

The tarantula is an arachnid who is usually considered not dangerous to humans. But with over 900 species identified, I’m sure one of them might have a scary bite. Then again, for some, just the looks of a tarantula may creep you out. On the flip side, these creatures make some awesome subjects for photography. So if you’re able to get close enough without freaking out, have a friend who’s ‘brave’ enough to handle one, and/or just plain think tarantulas are cool, then these chilling pictures are for you. For the rest of us, just seeing a picture of these hairy beasts may give you nightmares tonight.

tarantula by matt knoth

tarantula by matt knoth

Vogelspinne - Tarantula by Gertrud K.
Vogelspinne - Tarantula

RAWWWRRR!!!! by Leslie Kirkland

Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - Brachypelma smithi by B Smith
Mexican Red Knee Tarantula - Brachypelma smithi

image by ShannonYearwood

Incy Wincy. by meg
wincy Wincy.

Serious Hardware by e_monk
Serious Hardware

arachnid by α is for äpΩL †

Tarantula by Christopher Woo