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What the hell are you eating?

The menu says “Sweet and Sour Chicken”, the waitress says it’s “Sweet and Sour Chicken.” But upon closer observation, it appears that there is absolutely no chicken in sight. So what the hell can I be eating? Well, it’s Chinese Vegetarian Food and most of the dishes are “inspired by actual meat dishes.” In this case, we have deep fried mushrooms topped with sweet and sour sauce which is supposedly made to imitate the taste and look of real chicken without using an ounce of meat. Good try but you’re not fooling anybody. But being a Chinese Vegetarian restaurant every knows it…so it doesn’t come off as a surprise.
You are using mushrooms to pass off as chicken? You con artist! I want my money back!

Vegetarian Kung Pao Chicken



Four season bean

Egg Plant

Chinese Fried Sweet Bun