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The Beauty of Slovenia Presented in Beautiful Photos

Slovenia is a mini country not many know about. It’s placed in the Central Europe, connecting four types of natural regions: Pannonian, Mediterranean, Alpine and Dinaric. Due to this geographical diversity there are lots of chances for awesome photos in only 20,273 square kilometers of its total area.

It is, of course, also a great get-away place for people who like the seaside and mountains alike. But before you leave for holidays, have a look at these great pieces presenting Slovenia.

Author: Phil Hollman

Upper Square, Ljubljana
Author: Jori Mäkinen

Three Bridges
Author: Jori Mäkinen

Prešeren Square
Author: Jori Mäkinen

Field close to Kranj
Author: Jori Mäkinen

Bled lake
Author: Phil Hollman

A lonely tree in Studence
Author: Matic Golob

Bled Lake panorama
Author: ~onelegout

Upper Square in Ljubljana
Author: ~wala

Fast stream
Author: ~Miglee

Piran at the evening
Author: Tiziana-Fotografia