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Amazing Surreal Photo Manipulations by Sarolta Ban

Have you ever dreamed of a device that could capture your dreams? Record it straight to video as you sleep, or at least take still pictures? Sadly, there is no such thing yet…but luckily there are some super creative artists that came really close to it.

Meet Sarolta Ban, a 27 years old female artist from Budapest, Hungary. When we asked her to tell a little bit about herself, she replied, “I’m not so good in talking about myself.. I prefer the pictures ‘talk’”.

Fortunately, her pictures are very talkative, each telling a strange dream-like story, so we could just stop the interview here. However, curiosity overcame us, and we asked a few more questions.

Now let’s jump straight to her dream-like photo manipulations and read our interview with Sarolta along with the pictures. These are the amazing creations of Sarolta Ban.

Flickr: mindazonaltal