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8 Pictures of The Beauty of Madagascar

On the south-eastern coast of Africa, the Republic of Madagascar is a beautiful island country, looking like a part of what some people imagine heaven to be.

The island was long isolated from the touch of human hand and even now the neighboring continents don’t influence the peaceful life of the island. Therefore, Madagascar has a vast array of plants and animals, many of them being unique on the planet.

We dedicate this blog post to the ones that love pure nature and little or no human alteration upon nature and we proudly present 50 of the most beautiful and interesting photos of Madagascar’s flora and fauna, landscapes and local traditions. Let's see the best pictures from Madagaskar below!

author: MicWits101

Farwest in Madagascar
author: Eric SOLER

author: Michael Jacobs

New Dawn
author: Chris Miller

Madagascar Day Gecko
author: Chris Schumacher

The Swamp
author: Marsel van Oosten

Madagascar Moment
author: G. Russel Childress

Chameleon of Madagascar 1
author: antmoore