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Playing Fetch – Fun Dog Pictures

Dogs are awesome. They bring a lot of joy into the lives of those who have them. Here are some great fetch pictures that will make you want to head outside with your dog and a tennis ball. Check out our puppy pictures post too.

Flying Weenie by geckoam Playing Fetch

Focus by Nestasi Playing Fetch

One short trip for a stick, one giant leap for a dog. by avpjack Playing Fetch

Waterdog by Van Carney Playing Fetch

stick stick stick stick stick stick by SMN Playing Fetch

Fetch the twig by me'nthedogs Playing Fetch

"I'm Coming!!!" by Stuart Dootson Playing Fetch

Eye on the Prize by dnudson Playing Fetch

Retriever by maistora Playing Fetch

Success by prawnpie Playing Fetch

image by Dustin Diaz Playing Fetch