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Intriguing Black and White Insect Pictures

Insects aren’t exactly loved by all. They make great subjects though in photography, even in black and white. Check out our last insect picture post for more awesome shots.

Life is short by macropoulos
Life is short

visitor by phil h

Macro Fly by XIXIDu
Macro Fly

Mosca de Banheiro by Omar Eduardo
Mosca de Banheiro

And I Dream Your Dream For You by Thomas Hawk
And I Dream Your Dream For You

Plant more flowers... by Clearly Ambiguous
Plant more flowers...

Ant by rex dart: eskimo spy

Monarch Butterfly by Alejandro Hernandez
Monarch Butterfly

Farpas by Marcos Teixeira de Freitas

Ważka Dragonfly B&W by v.max1978
Ważka Dragonfly B&W

Backswimmer by macropoulos

The Smallest Cat by roujo
The Smallest Cat

Stripes by Garrettc