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Fascinating Metro Station Pictures

One of my favorite parts of traveling to big cities around the world is riding the metro. It’s convenient, fast, and the perfect reason to sell my car. Here are the fascinating metro station pictures that brings a good feel for the metro life.

All the troubles lie on his shoulder by rana ossama All the troubles lie on his shoulder

"Georg-Brauchle Ring" by jaime.silva "Georg-Brauchle Ring"

Metrotorino III by Giampaolo Squarcina Metrotorino III

Warp Speed by Brian Auer Warp Speed

*Underground* Traveling in Montreal's belly by Michel Filion *Underground* Traveling in Montreal's belly

Albert's Secret Code by Fred Albert's Secret Code

Stockholm by jaime.silva Stockholm

Viajar en amarillo. by Cintia Fournier Viajar en amarillo.

Un día cualquiera... by Israel
  Un día cualquiera...

Budapest Metro by Chris Frewin Budapest Metro

waiting... by Thomas Lieser waiting...