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Striking Shoelace Pictures

A shoelace is so simple, yet so important. Not only do they hold your shoes on your feet, but are also made in a variety of patterns and lengths to fit your style. Check out these 27 striking shoelace pictures. Let we see these amazing photos below.

Retro Vintage Girl in Grass With Purple Shoes by D. Sharon Pruitt

Fresh Free Summer Sneakers Creative Commons by D. Sharon Pruitt

Free Grungy Happy Urban Acid Pop Green Sneakers on Asphalt Creative Commons by D. Sharon Pruitt

Run by Fe llya

Nike Fresh Air by Kick Photo

Element Infront

Nike Sneaker Pileup by Don Hankins

Waiting the End by ♪ Sleeping Sun ♪

She Stands Up High on Her Tippy Toes. by Michael Kinapek