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Seeing Hong Kong from Sky 100

Soaring high above is the newest skyscraper in town. Standing at 1607 feet is the newly built International Commerce Centre with an observation deck on the 100th floor that gives a splendid view of Hong Kong.The views are great from such great heights but not without thanks to a group of hard working people. I am looking down from the inside of the building and it is giving me chills. Just think about these window cleaners standing on the outside. Fearless they must be!

Window Cleaners

Hong Kong Sky 100 View

Hong Kong Ocean

 Hong Kong Pier

 Top Ten Tallest Buildings

Sky 100 Observation Monitor

 Sky 100 Observation Deck

Sky 100 Observation Deck

Sky 100 Elevator

Sky 100 Elevator

 Sky 100 Entrance

 Sky 100 Building