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Beautiful Self-Portraits by Shandi-lee

Shandi-lee describes herself as a small, twenty-two year old, aspiring photographer from Ontario, Canada. She loves capturing beauty in everything, especially using light. Photography is her one and only passion, and she loves to capture things such as flowers and people.

Manipulating and taking pictures with a bit of fantasy is her favorite art form, but she likes to keep things realistic in her work as well. She finds people fascinating, their bodies, facial expressions; everything. She loves taking portraits and displaying how beautiful people are. These next ten pictures are self-portraits, which are quite a specialty of hers. You might recognize some of her photos from some of our other posts. Just we see these beautiful photographs belo guys.

XLIV purple lilacs

XLII {wonder}

XXXVIII {castaway}

XXVII {reflect}

XLVII curiosity

XXV {tides}

XXX {contentment}


I come alive in the night time