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Real World In Miniature: 8 Tilt Shift Photos

The photos you are about to see are not miniature toys or models. It’s a real world in Tilt Shift photography!

It can be achieved in two ways: 1) optically or 2) digitally with some photo manipulation.

First method involves taking photos with a special tilt shift lens which allows you to control the plane of focus. These lenses are usually used for simulating a miniature scene.

However, if you want to do it cheap way – there’s always the second method – where all you have to do is defocus certain areas of the photo. Although these basic digital post-processing techniques can give you results similar to those achieved with tilt – the term should be used only when the effect is produced optically. The digital result is often called “fake tilt shift”.

If you are interested in transforming the real world into a miniature in a cheap way, there are lots of simple Photoshop tutorials, you can start: here and here. If you happen to be a rich bastard then buy some tilt shift lenses as Real Tilt-Shift photography requires, not surprisingly, a Tilt-Shift Lens.

Here are 8 beautiful examples of real world turned into a miniature. Can you tell the fakes from the real ones? For more information you can visit

Bamboos for GrinGod

Bamboos for bunchofpants

Bamboos for Michael.Sutton

Bamboos for Zevotron

Bamboos for mr.beaver

Bamboos for mre1965

Bamboos for EasyTiger3

Bamboos for Express Monorail