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Creative Photoshopping by Erik Johansson

There are many people who will say that Photoshop is bad, and that you shouldn’t alter your photos digitally (or at most you should do just some brightness corrections).
Well, I think that this is a big BS! Why should we suppress our creativity in any way?
Just look at these inspirational photo manipulations by Erik Johansson, and think for awhile – could it be done without Photoshop? No!
So stop complaining, and better grab a Photoshop tutorial!
Ok, now let’s get back to Erik, the artist that will kill your boredom after a few seconds.Then see the most amazing photographs below.

Deep Cuts
(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Fishy Island
(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Perspective Squarecase
(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Reflective Cubes
(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Roadworkers Coffebreak
(Erik Johansson, 2009)

(Erik Johansson, 2009)

Melting Point
(Erik Johansson, 2009)