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10 Stunning Photos of the Beauty of Philipines

The Republic of the Philippines (most commonly known as Philippines) is an archipelago-country, situated in Asia, the South-eastern part.
Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, Philippines is the home of heavenly landscapes, exotic flora and fauna and a relaxed people, who loves festivals and tourists.
The following 50 images will reveal the splendor of these isles and maybe make people think about the beauty of nature and the importance of keeping it clean and alive for as long as possible. Philipina has many scene to view on. Lets see the most amazing pictures below!

Whale Shark II
author: Lars Grepstad

Smiles Behind the Shadows
author: Paul Quiambao

Anemone Schrimp
author: Lars Grepstad

What Hard Work?
author: Carlo Leonardia

Lightning over Manila, Philippines
author: Brandon Hoover

Philippines 1
author: Roman Isakov

Philippines 2
author: Roman Isakov

Philippines 3
author: Roman Isakov

Festival Spirit
author: Dennis Bautista

Harbor Square View Philippines
author: jdeepan