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Creative Macro Photography Ideas

Macro photography is one of the most dynamic types of photography, and today we are bringing you a collection of just such lively and vibrant photographs. These photography ideas will help you the next time you are aiming to capture something closely and get as many details as you can. Whether you own a basic digital point and shoot camera or a good DSLR, you can take macro photographs with amazing results. Although they won’t be the same in terms of results, but you can still manage to a take a fairly good macro photograph even with a point and shoot camera.

Macro photography, in most cameras, is enabled in the camera settings with a small flower as its symbol. The thing to remember with this type of photography is that since it is a super close up photography, you have to take special care of the focus of both the foreground and the background, the flash, aperture and the composition of your frame.

The great thing about macro photography is that everyday mundane themes and objects can look fantastic and you can constantly explore subjects within subjects as you move closer to your object. Of course light plays an important role in macro photography as with other kinds of photography, and framing your composition is vitally important, so the background remains simple and uncluttered and the focus of the picture remains on the subject, letting the eye remain on it.

Delve into our showcase of macro photography for some tips and tricks and great photography ideas.

La vie en Rose

Chilades Pandava

Macro Photograph


88 Butterfly



Strategic Fading